A Busy Easter

So the daily update idea is out. No matter, I know you still love me. Here’s the deal with my work schedule lately.

I was planning to go on a mission trip to Mexico with our church high schoolers April 9-14. To do this, I had to get my current porting project done by then. I put forth a lot of effort and hours to get it done by the Friday before, but I wasn’t able to wrap it up. I thought I might finish mid-week and be able to drive down for the latter half of the trip, but I ended up working 12+ hours Thursday through Saturday to get everything done in time. Then Sunday night I found out that there were more bugs, so I had to go in at 10 to get things ready for the morning QA crew. Amanda came in and helped with some of the fix-testing, which enabled us to get done more quickly. By Monday at 2 we finally delivered. So now I’m taking today (Tuesday) off for a little recovery time.

So as you can imagine, I didn’t have much of an Easter holiday. However, we did take some time for church and a gift exchange. We went to a church service that combined the regular contemporary and traditional services, and it was great to sing classic hymns and modern worship songs back-to-back with the choir and worship band. It was our first major holiday without any family, though, and that was rather depressing. (Of course St. Patrick’s Day is a major holiday, Dad, but we had Chris here for that, and he’s almost family.) Here’s some pictures from our celebration of the Lord’s resurrection:

Professional Photos!  Yippee!AaaawwwwEaster BountyEaster Liliesimg_3888.JPGGift HuntGetting Warmer?Found It!


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