Kenya Medical Mission Trip Introduction

Amanda and I have been asked to lead a small medical mission team to Kenya, Africa. After much prayer and discussion, we’ve decided to accept the challenge. The team will consist of five Americans: Amanda the physician assistant, a lab tech, a physical therapist, a nurse, and myself as the non-medical leader. We will also pick up three medical personnel from Kenya when we arrive, who will tour with us. Our goal is to travel between medical dispensaries that have already been established in the bush, and to oversee and train the staff that has been hired there. We will be leaving for Kenya on February 28th, and returning to the States on March 15th.

You may remember that Amanda traveled on a similar but larger trip to Kenya in 2007. One of the goals of that trip was to help establish medical clinics (dispensaries), by setting up the facilities and training the staff. Like that trip, this one is handled through the Presbytery of our home church, Geneva Presbyterian. Our Presbytery has a policy that any mission funded by them must be self-supporting in 2-3 years. In line with that policy, our objective is to further the training of the dispensary staff, to help them to become more autonomous. We will also be establishing two additional dispensaries to ease the burden of the existing facilities.

As the medical leader of the team, Amanda will be spearheading the training of the nurses and clinical officers who work there. Though Kenyan patients are often eager to be seen by American health care professionals, we hope that most of the medical team’s time can be dedicated to working directly with the permanent Kenyan staff.

My (Jason’s) role will be more administrative. I will be in charge of overseeing our transportation between sites, communicating with the tribal chiefs about their people’s needs, and handling whatever I can to allow the medical personnel to focus on their specialties.

Amanda and I have long known that overseas mission work would be a major aspect of our lives. What we haven’t been certain about is the extent to which we would be involved in missions. We see this upcoming trip to Africa as an excellent chance for us to test our planning and leadership abilities in the field, and as a guide for measuring the extent to which the Lord can use us in this particular area of service and evangelism.

We would love for you to be involved in this trip as well. We’ve witnessed the power of prayer in our own lives, and know that your prayer can have a significant impact on our mission. Please pray for our safety, and for the success of our trip. (Our definition of success often varies greatly from the Lord’s, so by this I mean whatever furthers God’s plan in the lives of those we are serving.) And most of all, please pray that God would be honored in everything we do there.

Of course, a trip of this proportion brings with it a heavy financial challenge as well. If you would like to make a monetary contribution to help cover the cost of the flight, lodging, and other expenses, you can send a check made out to ?Geneva Presbyterian Church,? and the memo should read ?Kenya ? MacAllister.? All donations are tax deductible, and will go directly toward covering our expected cost of $3000 ($1500 per person, after deducting the amount our church’s mission commission has donated). Please do not feel obligated to donate. Even in this uncertain economic time, I have no doubt that the Lord will provide for this trip.??

We thank you for having a positive impact in our lives. And thank you for your help in serving the Lord. For Jesus said, ?I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.? (Matthew 25:40). The Kenyans are by no means the least among us, but the poverty and sickness in their lives offer an amazing opportunity to noticeably improve the lives of many people!

In Christ,
Jason and Amanda MacAllister


3 thoughts on “Kenya Medical Mission Trip Introduction”

  1. Jason and Amanda,

    God Bless your journey. Your will be in our prayers everyday until you return. May God continue to bring your love to the people of Kenya. Having been in Uganda three weeks ago, we know how tired, but how important the mission is. Keep up to good work.
    Scott and Sherry


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