Camping Adventures

Photographer GabeAmanda, Teddie, and I went camping at San Clemente State Beach last Friday with a few friends. The best part was when Teddie got skunked. We had him off his leash, and he was behaving very well. Then we saw a dark critter run across the road next to our fire. Amanda and I both saw it at the same time, and we grabbed for the dog. But he had already taken off. He darted after the animal, sniffed at the bush that it dove into for a split second, and then just as quickly did a 180 and ran back towards us. Once he got off the road, he started rolling on the ground, rubbing his face and side in the dirt. At the same time, this weird smell like garlicy onions began assaulting our nostrils. Luckily there was an unoccupied campsite nearby, complete with running water. Amanda and I grabbed a bottle of shampoo and dragged the dog to the hose. Luckily the skunk must have only gotten him a little bit, because it wasn’t too difficult to get the smell to go away. Oddly enough, it didn’t smell like onions or skunk on the dog. It smelled like burnt rubber.


And, speaking of burnt rubber, I melted the sole of my shoe that evening as well.

Squishy Shoe


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