I just got LASIK surgery yesterday! Amanda had suggested that I go to a free evaluation for LASIK while I’m out of work, so I had reluctantly scheduled one for yesterday at Saddleback Eye Center. I ended up being really happy with that facility, and they offered a discount for getting the surgery done that same day (so they don’t have to re-administer some of the eye tests). I was about ready to get it done, but Amanda talked me into shopping around at a few other facilities first before diving into it. I was going to be paying $4900 after discounts, and Amanda had only paid $3600 for hers. Hers was a different procedure (LASIK instead of PRK), but it still seemed like I might find a place that could be just as good for significantly cheaper.

But when I went into the office to explain my thinking to the staff, one of them told me she could shave another $800 off the cost by decreasing my 24-month open door policy (free visits and touch-ups) to a 6-month period (and touch-ups would no longer be free). This is the same kind of policy that the other offices offered anyway, so it was just what we wanted, and only a hundred dollars more than we were hoping to pay anyway!

So I got the surgery done then and there. It was a little scary once I was under the laser, but it was painless and quick. I started seeing pretty well last night, and at my post-op visit this morning I was already seeing better than 20/15! I need to put lubricating drops in my eyes for a year, but my eyes should be pretty much healed in another week or two. Hooray for clear vision!

Unfortunately, only now did I find out that I could get a LASIK@Home kit for only $99 plus shipping and handling:


Yes I’m joking, but no, this site is not a joke. Sadly.


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