Malaki’s Sleeping

Last night was a turning point of sorts.  Malaki (18 months old now) has much difficulty falling asleep on his own.  Even after his lengthy bed routine, he often just stands up in bed once he’s finished his bottle, wanting to go back out and play.  If we leave him to cry, he just screams more and more until he throws up.  He may even be vomiting intentionally, since he knows it will bring us back to comfort him.  So we’ve been forced to then bring him out to the couch while we watch something or play a video game, where he quickly falls asleep in our arms.  This whole process can take up to two or more hours each night.  Last night we were tired of him dictating his own sleep behavior, so we resolved to let him scream until he gave up and went to sleep.  He threw up within fifteen minutes of the scream fest, so we cleaned that up and put him back in his crib.  He continued to scream for thirty more minutes.  At that point we decided that it’s just too hard on him, the kid is no good at soothing himself to sleep.  So our new plan is to give up on trying to get him to sleep on his own, and just accept that he’s going to be a part of our evening gaming for a while.  We’re fine with having him with us, the only problem is it will severely hinder our ability to have friends over after his bedtime, or have a babysitter come over and let us slip out for a few hours.  Well, live and learn.  We’ll see how it works tonight!


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