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Congratulations Chris and Allison!

Last weekend, September 27th-30th, Amanda and I went back to Pennsylvania (Harrisburg) for the wedding of our good pal Chris Owens and his beautiful bride Allison Hill. I was one of the groomsmen, and Greg Stakor was the best man. The morning of the wedding, the ladies got their hair done. All morning. Us men used the time to eat cinnamon rolls, watch some Borat, and finally spent a full twenty minutes getting dressed.


On the way to the church, however, we realized our fuel level was dangerously low:


And we began to worry about our ability to deliver the groom on time:


But we arrived on time (albeit with an empty tank). The ceremony went off without a hitch, and it really was beautiful. I cried most of the time, because I’m like that. Chris and Allison left the church to a shower of bubbles, and were promptly locked out when they tried to reenter through a side door.


Chris and Allison had invited my family and Amanda’s family to the wedding, so it was great to be able to see them again.


After the ceremony the bridal party rode in a stretch SUV to a garden to take pictures. The limo was sweet, complete with an intimidating-looking sunglass-donning driver. Greg and I ended up in the back seat however, which was several feet higher than the rest of the interior. We had to slouch down and spread eagle to fit our long-legged selves.

At the reception, Chris carried his new bride into the hall when they were announced. This was followed by Greg’s toast, then a family-style dinner. Awesome idea!


Then came the most important part of the day: the dancing.


Don’t forget who got dancing started in the first place: the infamous Table 9.


Amanda and I spent Sunday morning with our families, then started our long trek back to California at 2. We had two layovers scheduled in Atlanta and Salt Lake City. The flight from Atlanta was delayed about an hour, because the plane had just come from Rome and needed a lot of cleaning or what-not. So we deplaned in Salt Lake City three minutes after our next flight was scheduled to take off. They told us they were holding the connecting planes, but when we got to the next terminal, they said, ‘Oh, not this plane. It left fifteen minutes ago.’ So we had to stay at a Hilton overnight in Salt Lake City. We got the next flight to Orange County, at 8:30 Monday morning. We sure enjoyed having to get up early for another flight after traveling all day Sunday!


And for everyone who asked over the weekend whether I had grown more: Yes I have. I’m now 6’5″. Let’s hope that’s the end of any more growing nonsense.



Amanda’s surprise birthday party was a success! At four o’clock yesterday I took Amanda to the beach. The (supposed) plan was to meet a couple of our friends, Steven and Eva, and their kids for a few hours of beach time. Amanda did a great job of guiding herself through the deception. Through a couple conversations with Eva, we even had Amanda believing that she had helped decide the time and location of our meeting! Of course it couldn’t have been too easy. We had some lightning and foreboding thunder clouds yesterday morning (the first since we’ve been here, I think) that I got to stress out about for a while.

Below are some pictures from the event. I wish I could’ve gotten pics of her reaction when we first got to the beach. Her confusion upon recognizing so many familiar faces was priceless!
Tara and JasonCramers and LangesJason, Ed and Caren, Bob and MattCallie, John P, Gabe, and Baby Mark!Baby Mark!Callie, Cindy, and JohnBob and MattIrene, Rick, and Stevenimg_5356.JPGimg_5357.JPGEva and AmandaAmanda and some guy

Thanks to everyone who showed up, and to everyone who helped in the preparation and planning!

P.S. Someone left a pair of bolle sunglasses, which we have with us at our house. If you can identify the exact number of fingerprints on the lenses, you can have them back.

Whale Watching in Santa Barbara

Blue Whale Spout

We went on a whale-watching trip in Santa Barbara when the Macs were in town. I know, that was over a month ago, but I just finished compiling the video now. It’s about seven minutes long, and has a lot of good shots of blue whales, the largest animals to ever roam the earth. Unless you count boulders as animals. Which most people don’t. Here’s the video: Whale Watching in Santa Barbara

I’m not sure if this video will work. If not, I suppose I’ll try out that YouTube business you kids are always talking about.

Amanda in Kenya!

Amanda is now in Kenya, Africa for a two-week mission trip. I’m sure she’ll have tons of amazing stories and pictures when she gets back, but in the meantime, you can keep (somewhat) up-to-date with the trip by following along with their blog. They seem to update it semi-regularly, so check back often! Or set up an RSS feed, like that amazing Chris Owens fellow does.

Uh… Monthly Update?

Man, has it been that long since I posted last? I’ve come to the conclusion that time sucks. Otherwise it wouldn’t go so fast.

A run down of what’s happened with Amanda and I since last we blogged:

  • Went whale watching. Saw a megapod of dolphins; literally thousands of them. Is megapod a word? Hmm, yes it is. Means having large feet.
  • Enjoyed 300. Dreamed about seeing it 300 more times.
  • Went surfing for the second time. Caught a wave!
  • Had Chris in town for a long weekend. Saved for him the worst California weather this year.
  • Got no house cleaning done.
  • Beat Half-Life 2. Yeah I know, nobody cares.
  • Got shot in the face with an airsoft gun.
  • Had my cousins Lindsay and Reed here for their spring break. Reveled in electronic gaming goodness.
  • Went to dinner and a theatre performance in L.A. For free. Baby’s on the half-tip!
  • Didn’t go to Mexico.

I would like to elaborate on most of these topics, so expect more posts soon. Maybe I’ll do one a day; gee, wouldn’t that be exciting? And of course I’ll include pretty pictures to go with the words. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect:

Palm Trees!Dolphins!Deception!Confusion!Disgust!Big Hats!