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Work Update

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been busy as of late. Okay, probably not, because I’m always busy. But this is a new realm of busy-ness. Here’s the low down: The Gold Master of my game on the lead handset was supposed to be due on 10/12. That means that for one phone, the game was supposed to be finalized, tested, balanced, and bug-proof. After that comes a couple months of porting (making the game work on all the other phones). The game should be done in its entirety, for all handsets, by January 2. That was the plan. In actuality, it is December first, and my game is not yet officially at beta (when it begins its formal testing) for the first phone. We’ve been making a lot of changes. Most of them are for the better, but it’s really pushed everything back. And I still need to have the game done for all phones by January 2. So now you know why I’ve been occupied as of late. But don’t worry, if all else goes well, you’ll have a kickin’ game to play on your cell phone in February made by yours truly.


Revisionist Editing At Its Finest

Those of you who previously read the U.K. review of my company’s game Casino Royale will remember that the reviewer got stuck on the last level of the game, and was rather bitter about it. Well, a producer at Sony Pictures contacted the reviewer and showed the n00b how to use the sniper rifle correctly. What I think is interesting is that the reviewer then went back and changed certain points of the review. One result of this is that my previous post no longer makes sense. But more importantly, the review now more accurately describes the game as a whole. Thank you Stuart Dredge for your honesty and support!

Javaground Releases Casino Royale

For all you who have been asking about my company, check out our latest and biggest release: Casino Royale! We’ve also found an early review, done on the U.K. release of the game. (Yes, you do need to use the sniper rifle to get through level 14. And no, it’s not a bug. Our producer is contacting the reviewer to find out what his problem was.) It’s exciting stuff to see some real press on a game I’ve seen going through production. But it’s also got me nervous about reviews for my own game. Remember reviewers: give Jason’s game a 10, and he will give you lots of candy.


Congratulations Ben and everyone else involved, for putting so much work into such a great game! And for the rest of you out there: buy the game, and Jason will give you lots of candy.