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Activision Party Pics!

Alright, some personalized pictures from Monday’s event! Even though I didn’t really get my picture taken “with” LeVar Burton, I am IN a picture with LeVar Burton. I count that a win! (You can see my head to the left of Chris’s face.)

LeVar Burton!!!

E3 Activision Party!


Activision Party Continued

EminemHere’s a more thorough (although somewhat pessimistic) run-through of the acts at the Activision party, from my favorite game website, Kotaku. Also, I forgot to mention earlier one of the best parts of the evening: free beer, wine, and concession stand food! You could just walk up to any counter, order what you want, and they would ring you up for it. But then you could walk away without paying, with no fear of being tackled by a security guard! Later in the evening I think the Staples Center staff was anxious to charge Activision for as much food as they could, because they were literally walking up to people and handing them pretzels and boxed candy.

Activision E3 Party 2010 and UsherLast night’s Activision E3 party in LA was pretty freakin’ awesome. Usher,, a bunch of renowned DJs, Tony Hawk, Jane’s Addiction, Soundgarden, Travis Barker (the drummer from Blink-182), the lead singer from Tool, an intense set from Eminem, Rihanna… and those are just the artists I recognized!

They also presented the best game trailer-watching experience I’ve ever had, with massive real-life pyrotechnics accompanying the gunfire and explosions as a helicopter blew stuff up on-screen for Call of Duty: Black Ops (all to a riveting score performed by a full live orchestra).

But the best experience of the night was shaking hands with LeVar Burton, famous for his role as Geordi La Forge on Star Trek and as the host of Reading Rainbow!!! We knew he would be at the show from a Tweet he posted earlier yesterday, and while at the show we found him standing on the dance floor directly in front of us! After causing enough ruckus, he came over and gave us handshakes and fist bumps. When we failed to take a picture with him due to the iPhone’s lack of a flash, he hand-signaled FOUR-POINT-OH to us as he melted back into the crowd (the soon-to-be-released iPhone 4 will have an LED flash built into its camera). Amazing.

Reading Rainbow

Camping Adventures

Photographer GabeAmanda, Teddie, and I went camping at San Clemente State Beach last Friday with a few friends. The best part was when Teddie got skunked. We had him off his leash, and he was behaving very well. Then we saw a dark critter run across the road next to our fire. Amanda and I both saw it at the same time, and we grabbed for the dog. But he had already taken off. He darted after the animal, sniffed at the bush that it dove into for a split second, and then just as quickly did a 180 and ran back towards us. Once he got off the road, he started rolling on the ground, rubbing his face and side in the dirt. At the same time, this weird smell like garlicy onions began assaulting our nostrils. Luckily there was an unoccupied campsite nearby, complete with running water. Amanda and I grabbed a bottle of shampoo and dragged the dog to the hose. Luckily the skunk must have only gotten him a little bit, because it wasn’t too difficult to get the smell to go away. Oddly enough, it didn’t smell like onions or skunk on the dog. It smelled like burnt rubber.


And, speaking of burnt rubber, I melted the sole of my shoe that evening as well.

Squishy Shoe

Holy Light Refraction Batman!

It rained a lot this morning. Then it stopped, and got sunny. Then I drove to work. And then I saw the most amazing thing ever.

You know how cars kick up a cloudy spray behind their wheels when driving on a wet road? Most of the cars on the road were doing that. But this one car was spitting out a rainbow cloud as it cruised along Bake Parkway. Not just a rainbow in its cloud – the cloud was a rainbow. It looked like something straight out of Care Bears or Rainbow Brite. I pulled up for a closer look and sure enough – there was a unicorn behind the wheel.

And the best part of all this is that it’s true! Except for the bit about the unicorn. I lied about that.

Newest Addition To Our Family…

We got a RAV4!? We bought it from a private seller that we found on Craig’s List. When we first looked at, we couldn’t agree on a price with the seller. But then it turned out that he needed to get money that night for the down-payment on the new car he was buying, so he was willing to negotiate. We ended up running around last-minute to finalize everything. We dropped Amanda off at a Wells Fargo to pick up thousands of dollars in cash, while the seller and I drove to a local mechanic to have him give it a go-over. Everything looked good, so he signed the title in the parking lot and we were off! All in all, it was a rather exciting evening.


I don’t know if it’s important to cover up the license plate in these pictures, but it seemed like a good idea.

Also, we got Teddie shaved this past weekend, because we were tired of all the hair in the house. The hair is gone, but now he looks ridiculous. So ridiculous, that we’re too embarrassed to put up pictures of him. He’s currently in hiding until he regrows his decency.