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New Star Wars Fun!

Lucasfilm released a trailer for their upcoming animated TV show, Clone Wars. Hot dog! I’m not sure why they decided to make another animated series with the same name as the last one, but it definitely sounds exciting. The appeal of TV shows about the Clone Wars is that they can concentrate on all the epic battles the prequels spent most of their time not showing.

The other source of my excitement is LucasArt’s latest game, The Force Unleashed. It sounds interesting for a number of ways, but what appeals to me the most is one of the next gen technologies they’re introducing with it, Digital Molecular Matter. Watch the demo video for all the hyped-up banter, but what it breaks down to is objects that can break based on their physical properties and the force applied, as opposed to using pre-scripted breaking animations. Including walls. And rancors. Lots and lots of rancors.


In more depressing news, some neighborhood kids are in my living room playing The Simpsons: Road Rage, and they just accidentally deleted my save game, which means I lost all four levels and all 20-some characters that Amanda, Zack, Reed, Jason Upstairs, and I spent countless hours unlocking. I’m going to go pout for a while.