A Busy Easter

So the daily update idea is out. No matter, I know you still love me. Here’s the deal with my work schedule lately.

I was planning to go on a mission trip to Mexico with our church high schoolers April 9-14. To do this, I had to get my current porting project done by then. I put forth a lot of effort and hours to get it done by the Friday before, but I wasn’t able to wrap it up. I thought I might finish mid-week and be able to drive down for the latter half of the trip, but I ended up working 12+ hours Thursday through Saturday to get everything done in time. Then Sunday night I found out that there were more bugs, so I had to go in at 10 to get things ready for the morning QA crew. Amanda came in and helped with some of the fix-testing, which enabled us to get done more quickly. By Monday at 2 we finally delivered. So now I’m taking today (Tuesday) off for a little recovery time.

So as you can imagine, I didn’t have much of an Easter holiday. However, we did take some time for church and a gift exchange. We went to a church service that combined the regular contemporary and traditional services, and it was great to sing classic hymns and modern worship songs back-to-back with the choir and worship band. It was our first major holiday without any family, though, and that was rather depressing. (Of course St. Patrick’s Day is a major holiday, Dad, but we had Chris here for that, and he’s almost family.) Here’s some pictures from our celebration of the Lord’s resurrection:

Professional Photos!  Yippee!AaaawwwwEaster BountyEaster Liliesimg_3888.JPGGift HuntGetting Warmer?Found It!


Uh… Monthly Update?

Man, has it been that long since I posted last? I’ve come to the conclusion that time sucks. Otherwise it wouldn’t go so fast.

A run down of what’s happened with Amanda and I since last we blogged:

  • Went whale watching. Saw a megapod of dolphins; literally thousands of them. Is megapod a word? Hmm, yes it is. Means having large feet.
  • Enjoyed 300. Dreamed about seeing it 300 more times.
  • Went surfing for the second time. Caught a wave!
  • Had Chris in town for a long weekend. Saved for him the worst California weather this year.
  • Got no house cleaning done.
  • Beat Half-Life 2. Yeah I know, nobody cares.
  • Got shot in the face with an airsoft gun.
  • Had my cousins Lindsay and Reed here for their spring break. Reveled in electronic gaming goodness.
  • Went to dinner and a theatre performance in L.A. For free. Baby’s on the half-tip!
  • Didn’t go to Mexico.

I would like to elaborate on most of these topics, so expect more posts soon. Maybe I’ll do one a day; gee, wouldn’t that be exciting? And of course I’ll include pretty pictures to go with the words. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect:

Palm Trees!Dolphins!Deception!Confusion!Disgust!Big Hats!

What Does Christianity Have to Offer?

Tonight I had an important revelation, with the help of the brothers at my men’s Bible study. Gabe pointed out that the Christian life is not usually a “happier” life than a non-believer’s, and that we’re foolish if we try to share the Gospel by convincing people they will be more satisfied with Jesus in their lives. So I wondered aloud what benefit we can offer to those who don’t know the Lord, if knowing Jesus will likely make their lives more difficult through persecution, struggle, and sometimes even disdain. After some more discussion, I found the answer. We’re not salesmen, trying to convince people that they need what we’re selling. Rather, everyone has the need to know the Creator and to be loved by Him. God designed us that way. That need is more evident in some than in others, but everyone is searching. This search comes in a thousand forms; in the search for love, or purpose, or understanding, or healing. The search for success, or the search for knowledge. Everyone is born with the question. Our purpose is merely to point them toward the answer.

Freaky Dream Part II

Amanda’s been sick, and she snores when her throat is sore. I think that’s why I had this crazy dream.

I was back in school, and we were on a field trip to the moon. We were driving school buses that could hover around on the surface, kinda like in The Magic School Bus. Also, there were houses and towns and stuff on the moon, but you still had to wear space suits everywhere. So we were driving from one spot to another, checking out different buildings and stuff. And people kept dying. At first it was natural occurences, like at one site an asteroid shower entered the atmosphere and puncture people’s suits like so many burning bullets. Then the deaths started being more malicious. At one site, in a house that had a dirt (or rather, moon-dirt) floor, this liquid metal goo came out of the ground and started grabbing people. Eventually we realized that some evil spirit or something was taking the students. At one point the teachers told the entity that there were certain kids it wasn’t allowed to take, cuz they were honors students or their parents paid more or something. It was kind of like they knew this would happen, but forgot to set the rules or something. The part I remember most, right before I woke up, was when we were driving in our moon-bus to the last site. I told Ryan Quinn that I wasn’t going to go, because it was stupid and I’d most likely die. He told me he was going to go just to make me mad. And I did get mad, because it was all so pointless and stupid. The bus driver (who was also a teacher) yelled at me when I said I wasn’t going to go, and said I’d have to reimburse the principle the $60 it cost for us to get to the moon. I said fine, and woke up.

Below are some pictures I took of my dream.


The Ugly Side of the Internet

Hello loyal fans. I’ve been gettings tons of spam comments on this blog, like 5 or so a day, and it’s getting really annoying. So I’ve had to require people to “log in” to MacAllister.org before they can leave comments. Registering is simple and free, and it should keep you logged in if you’re using a personal computer. If this cause a problem for anyone, let me know. I want everyone to be able to speak their mind. Except for those whose minds consist of “Okldjhdk deposit casino” and “Freddie Mac, the mortgage company, reported that the average for 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages fell this past week to 6.31 percent.”